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2018 - L'Una 177 Recensione di David ( Inghilterra )

David ci scrive:

"Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form (Plato). (Wordsworth Dictionary of Musical Quotations, 1991, p. 45). “

Well,… the above is, I deeply believe very much true and I try to adopt it and live by it as much as I can. However, one needs good speakers, in order to appreciate all that music out there. Bad sound kills good music in my opinion.

The market is flooded with excellent speakers these days and it is very hard, almost impossible to say which ones are truly the best. There is no such thing in my opinion, however there are surely some better than others. So, after years of listening of my Martin Logans (big ones), HPM Pioneer, Magneplanars, Sonus Fabers , etc.  I was on the market for a new pair of speakers. It’s a personal choice and depends on your music taste and a quality sound delivery but also on aesthetic design. In my opinion quality speakers of today, have to satisfy and excel on both of these criteria.


After a long search, I bought EsseQuadro L’Una 177. The sound, the stage, the depth and the look - L’Una 177 has it all in my opinion. As mentioned above, it’s a personal thing, and you are either “The Bentley person” or “`The Lamborghini person”. The EsseQuadro firmly belongs to the latter group. Ohhh YESS they certainly give you the feel and the bumps of the best of Italian design has to offer. Oh boy, do they look wild and retro ! I fall in love with them before I even heard them, it’s an emotional thing… lambo orange, retro styling, curves, black drivers and extended depth. Unmistakably Italian design with flamboyance and flair.

However, I would have not bought them on their good looks alone. Its like a woman you want to marry, you will be living together for a long time, so good looks is not enough in my opinion. Real substance and a matching personality is required ! And yes, EsseQuadro has a unique personality which I like and the great substance. Sound is excellent and full bodied, delivered through cost-no-object drivers. Crossover is made of the finest ingredients in the world and all other technical characteristics are impressive, but nothing will prepare you for the depth and the width of the soundstage once they are placed properly. They completely disappear in your room. All you hear is the band, the singer or the orchestra in the middle of your room and in both corners. Perfect stage placement !

After 4 months of listening now, I still find myself surprised  by the huge soundstage coming from these relatively small speakers. This for me, more then anything else was a decision making moment to purchase them.

This is a truly high-end speaker which requires equally high quality amplifier and the rest of your system, but once in their place, they will deliver what matters the most - MUSIC.




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