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2018 - L'Una 146 Recensione di Yuri - Canada



Yuri ci scrive:



" When the speakers first arrived, immediately the first thing I noticed was the quality of the cabinets. The finish of the baffles feels premium and build quality is second to none, no shortcuts done in the assembly. They are front ported, 2-way bookshelves being driven at 8Ω. They do not feel heavy but are not light as well. Solid weight for their size.


Setting them up into position for playback, they are being fed by 125W per channel by a small but mighty Keces power amplifier. Starting off, I play a familiar song.


Bob Acri – Sleep Away

How pleasant and warm! It feels like I am at the jazz restaurant with the bass player standing next to the pianist. The sound is very inviting and has a thicker sweet sound, like honey coming from the center driver. It is a much different sound from my reference KEF LS50 which is more like a recording studio monitor. The lower frequencies approach subtly through the front port, but with power. Strength is noticed but it is not overpowered. Can be heard in different parts of the room without the effect of the bass being disturbing, it is always there sounding smooth and not like a physical pounding against the wall. I prefer the 0 setting or +1 for this kind of music.


Ralphi Rosario, Pagano – Questa Fantasia (Ralphi’s Mix)

 Once again, strong low end for this kind of music – bass driven. Speaker is capable of driving to floor stander levels with a good dynamic range even given the limitations on its size. It flexes its muscle in the mid-bass range. Mids and highs have good separation, clean and not over analytical but showing good level of detail. No matter how loud I drive them, nothing distorts and the bass keeps flowing. It is like something that we have in Canada called “Maple Syrup.” Very sweet, pleasant control and attack.



Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

 A classic track which is universally known in dance music. Great captivating vocal. The L’Una showing great width and soundstage. It should not be able to perform like this with its smaller dimension. It makes me confused, I am still trying to understand the sound and it is growing on me. Like exploring a new country when you are travelling. It is definitely more suited towards a medium sized room and not for close up listening on a desk. The high frequencies are present and never harsh, even on +2 setting.



Comparison between Copper/Silver Speaker Cable.

For the cables, switching between silver and copper did not show major differences. It was very minor and for most listeners they would not notice a difference. The silver cable showed minor improvement in clarity in high frequency and maybe slightly more forward presentation but nothing that made me want to choose one cable over the other. Speakers worked great with any choice.




This speaker performs very well. It did not even make me want to analyze the music. It makes you stop caring about trying to make science from the sound but instead shows you that this is music and there is nothing scientific about the sound coming out. Strong, sweet and muscular but like a natural bodybuilder – balanced. Thank you, Salvatore, for you work and passion, it has been noticed in the final product. More success for you in the future and thank you for a beautiful and unique creation. It’s all about the music!



Test setup:

Keces S3 Pre-amp/DAC

Keces S125 Power Amp

JCAT USB Isolator




Albedo GEO Monocrystal USB interconnect

YourFinalSystem Custom Reference USB dual head interconnect

Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 RCA interconnect

Albedo Monolith Monocrystal RCA interconnect

Albedo Silver GEO speaker cable

Choseal 5101 speaker cable


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